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Volte for Rog2 USA

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So Asus charged 900$ for a device and it does not have basic communication feature like volte/vowifi 100$ like zte are supporting volte across all carriers but we can't get for Rog2 it's been an year and even Rog3 is being released
What's the point of selling device without phone feature (i alert all other members to look at the reviews of big tech YouTubers, none of them point out at this glaring omission)
This is my last asus device and will never be recommending it to anyone in USA.

Asus wants money but they can't work out an essential part of so called phone


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Is it possible to just use 4G? You can still do everything 3G can do.
The device supports 4G and I'm pretty sure VOLTE runs on and from 4G. So it's not like the phone will become useless if you don't have it.
Or am I missing something?

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When does the US drop 3g networks? I know here in Australia it's not till about 2024
@ronald1985 when you make a call the phone automatically drops back to 3g or H+ without the volte support for the carrier and phone it won't have anything to fall back to there will still be 4g for data but no calls so you can't make a call at all once the 3g network shuts down

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In Brazil, low level Samsung smartphones has VoLTE, super powerfull ROG II not!!!! Unbelievable!