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Update issue

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After updating to newest fota..update information showing old update info


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Hi cr7ayan2020,

If you are already updated.

Try clearing FOTA service, Download manager from Settings => Apps => Tap top right 3 dots to show Internal Apps.

If it still appears you can factory reset once.

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Did you know rog phone 2 have issue after update the latest one? Other mod already said FOTA update for this fix will come on next week. But you always try to give user basic info like reset phone? have issue about our latest update 17.0240.2009.47 for rog phone 2.

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ROG Phone 2 ZS660KL

Firmware version: 17.0240.2009.47 (September 2020 security patch)

Not rooted

After the said update, the battery drops faster than before and in battery settings android system is draining most of battery which wasn't there before update.


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Its a bug in the new update in which the cpu stays at 2.97Ghz which causes the heat and battery drain. Fix is out next week its just waiting on CTS.

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I am experiencing the same issue. After updating the phone to version 17.0240.2009.47. Phone battery doesnt last even for a day. This is the worst update. Please fix this or help us downgrade to previous version.

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Check out my post to downgrade your device. Remember it will wipe all data from your phone so backup your data before downgrading.

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These ASUS mods know nothing about their own company LOL... they removed the update files because of bug but these mods giving stupid advices like reset phone.. asus is a joke . make anyone of these users mods , they know more than these dumb mods hahahahaa...your phone is joke..Dev's are joke too

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Bro i dont know about others but for i called up customer care no. And when I spoke with the staff. They asked me to do facotry reset too before taking it to service center. So i did and it even solved my previous issues like shutting down while charging. Backup ur data n try doing it once. Service center ll do the same too.
This present cpu issue can't be fixed permanently untill they bring a new update to fix it.