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update and battery

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why no update for rog 2 and why is thr battery draining fast on 3G 0 brigtness and all battery settings on on 60hz

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Shivam Dahiya

Btw OnePlus is catching up with Android 11 tho 😂during this pandemic itself . Let's hope for the system update this month.

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Hmmm yes i agree other brands are quicker. But ROG wont be as near to stock Android like OnePlus. Also, ASUS dont do phones only and its been around 20+ years. OnePlus only does phones and it has been around 7 years. If you compare the years and number of models they have. OnePlus is newer and has the least models to support. Samsung on the other hand is no different to Asus if you ask me, Android 9 on my previous phone came out 6 months to get after and unlike Asus, there was no air triggers, fan control and the external accessories to update. Pandemic plays a role because of the lack of people supporting those number of models, therefore it slows down development.