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Take Notes Asus

Zen Master I
Only a few people who own ROG II use Zentalk like double digit users. And everyone is saying ASUS is a 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 company because of less software support.
Every user is been rooting for better software support. Your updated as slower than anyone else. Even non - existential companies like Essential was better at software support.
It's not even been complete 16 months since ROG 2 released and updates are more than 3 months apart now.
No sign of any major update.
Software errors has been ruled out as hardware errors for random restarts because dev are so lazy to debug the issue and rather change expansive motherboard than minimal expansive coding.
Many more things with lazy software devs and mods motivates themselves by saying, "we are a small company". I mean what the literal 🤬.

If you can't keep up with the software exit the mobile phone market, you already have better reputation as a laptop manufacturer than being smartphone manufacturer. ROG II was a hit until software started getting delayed and crappy. ROG 3 wasn't a hit and neither will be the upcoming ROG if you keep using this little software support strategy. You can still gain some reputation releasing ROG II android 11 beta in next 1-2 month and sales of your next device is gonna depend on to how ROG 2 was supported, because many people have ROG 2 and fraction of people have ROG 3 so everything depends on ROG 2 and your upcoming device.
Promising 2 major update while releasing the newer device isn't gonna impact your sales given your history.

Either change your history or become History choice is yours.

Zen Master I
It's been 2 weeks since mod response and still no conclusion to be followed

If ROG Phone 2 won't get Android 11, my next phone will not be an ASUS phone. That's simply it.

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Same here, no android 11 for ROG II, no more Asus or RoG phone.
I nowdays don't even recommend Asus phones to anyone just because of backass software and software support.

Zen Master I
Next time, Samsung. 4 years of support.

Star II
Dams It's True, ASUS is really BAD in Software Development and Support, it's look like ROG Phone II already become FORGOTTEN DEVICE.. It's so terrible for us

Community Legend I

Next time, Samsung. 4 years of support.

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Depends on your region in India they dump shitty overpriced Exynos variants
Only thing samsung does better is the support for their top flagships

Rising Star II

Samsung, 4 years of Android updates support! Asus, please, at least 3 years...

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How about "Barely 1" 😂. Its Asus you should have know already.
Never recommend Asus products to anyone.