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Still don't have my new phone

Star III
Pls help. I don't know how to say it. Because i bought this handphone with big expectation that i would have phone with smooth engine and playing game would be amazing. But after update my phone always freez in the middle of game, suddenly got black screen issue, suddenly shut down if i charge the phone, n must reboot 3 Times or more to be at standby mode.
After downgrade to A9 my problem still there but not always. But yes still there.
What happen to this phone?why everybody has the same problem?when the stable new update Will release?

Star III
Lucky that my phone still have warranty. With so many hardware problem after update firmware. I can't imagine how much money Will i have to pay for the servis.

Rising Star II

I'm sorry late to answer your question. Yes i finally brought it to servis center and they changed several things : Mainboard, USB Conn Gasket, Vibrator Gasket, Square Vibrator, Deco Ring, Grip Gasket dan Middle Case. Thanks all the respons for my question and thanks to Asus servis center.

My next question is why so much problem in hardware after update to A10? I'm kind of afraid to update to 17.0240.2007.27. maybe ill just wait.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm assuming that you have got your phone back from Asus. Update us if you notice black screen/ phone shutdown issue again.