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Stereo speaker balance, bottom speaker is louder

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I have ROG Phone 2 12gb 512gb (official phone with asus warranty and official latest firmware). After nearly 2 weeks of using it, I recently noticed bottom speaker sounds louder than the top speaker. I thought each speaker in this phone has it's own amplifier and it wouldn't have the same unbalanced stereo sound like most other phones out there. Anybody else notice the same?
I guess it may also depends on the contents as well, but majority of the time, bottom sounds louder than a top speaker. Some contents, top speaker sounds louder than a bottom speaker. Is this a hardware or software issue? or both?
I hope asus release an update that allows users to adjust stereo balance.

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Is this normal or a fault?

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Although rog 2 speakers are the loudest in any smartphone out there, they are not the best. So you can expect some distortion in high volume.
It is normal for this phone.

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Hi Guys,

I too am facing a similar issue, that I noticed a while back. The only difference is that my top speaker is the louder one. In fact, if we cover the bottom speaker, it doesn't makes a difference in the sound comming from the device as a whole. This is really disappointing as this is basically now not a stereo setup as advertised.

Is this something related to A10 update as I noticed this only a few weeks back.

Please help.

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Can you hear any sound coming from that speaker at all? Could be that it's broken and that your device is in need of service

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Also did anyone noticed that the bottom speaker blows air at high pitch and high vocal in outdoor mode(or normal mode ).try it yourself once and notify if you face the this issue as well.I noticed it during attending calls with speaker turned on.I tried to address this issue by creating a New discussion but niether@Anders_ASUS nor anyone of the moderater replied.

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I tried the outdoor mode and it's just to much. Everything gets distorted being pushed to the limit. But also on my home hi-fi system as you approach the max loudness things turn bad. Everything over 75% of power is not recommended.

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Hi Kanu,

Just tried your tip, unfortunately no good.

What I noticed just now was that the Outdoor mode is having no effect on the sound i.e. its the same regardless the Outdoor mode toggled on or off.

So what I am thinking is that the A10 updated f'ed up the speaker settings. Any thoughts on this?


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I am also facing same issue.. my top speaker is louder than bottom and am observing the issue after A10 updates