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Scheduled Dark Mode

Rising Star I
Hi team Asus,
We want an option that allows to schedule dark mode. Many other Android devices have this feature but our ROG Phone doesn't.
Nowadays, scheduling dark mode is one of the most useful feature for any Android device. Having it makes phone usage much easier.
It should be easy to add this important feature to ROG Phone 2. And will make your users very hapy indeed.

Zen Master I

Android 11 has this feature by default. Besides, we have to wait couple of months until we get the Android 11 update. Developer team can easily add this feature to ROG Phone 2 with next Android 10 security patch update.

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Dude no company is actually going to add features which are part of successor android after a year of being on current android. That said they might have already started developing around the android 11 for ROG 2 and no new features are expected till that major release.