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ROG2 Call Of Duty BR Screen freezing / black screen/ flickering screen issue video reference

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i saw multiple ROG 2 threads with this issue . I am uploading a video of the issue for reference, you guys can let me know if it's the same issue your facing and Dev can have a look it for reference.
Note: i have played this game on One plus 7T and Nubia Red magic 3 and this issue does not exist in those phones ( Personal experience on using friends phones so can't speak for all 7T and Nubia phones ).
PS sorry for the video quality had to compress it by a lot .

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Also if you want detailed info check the professional's over at Xda website there here for us all with many knowledgeable people thanks hope that helps

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Also it's not just tencent Activision may also be notified to speed up complaints to fix this issue

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OK Swampdonk,aber es kann ja nicht die Lösung sein das ich mein Asus boote oder irgend welche Experimente mache. Dafür kaufe ich mich kein Gaming Phone.

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Yeah happens on any game mode from my personal experience but it's the exact same thing that happens to me and supposedly the best answer I got was it's on call of duty devs... Which I don't know who to believe cause when I was still running pie before I updated it never did it once now matter what settings in ran. But as soon as I upgraded to Android 10 I see multiple posts about it and it starts happening to me.

P.s has anyone thought that it could be both tencent and an Asus problem that needs to be fixed together???

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Even I face this problem.
We need a update to fix this

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Ja wir brauchen ein Update aber das muss von Tencent oder Activision nervt einfach nur.