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ROG UI suggestions

Star III
I have mixed feelings for the ROG UI. It's more smooth and quick to operate than any 3rd party launchers with far less hiccups or bugs, but there are some redundant characteristics. In the 2 layer layout (app page and home page), navigation gestures don't work beyond the back gestures since the app page is opened by swiping up. This completely counteracts the home and recents gestures. On the 1 layer layout, there is an option to add the "all apps" button, but when an app is hidden on the home screens, it is also hidden in the apps page (defeating the purpose of an "all apps" button). And the icons are inconsistent when themes are applied, regardless of which theme. A few suggestions to make the stock launcher (ASUS Launcher) more appealing:

- Allow support for custom icons
- Add an option between swipe up OR "all apps" button on 2 layer layout
- Allow apps to be hidden in either home screen or app screen independently
- Add an option between showing or hiding app labels on home screens

Those 4 fairly simple features would make the stock ASUS Launcher astronomically more sleek and clean, and more people would use the default launcher instead of installing 3rd party launchers and then complaining to ASUS that Google's gesture navigation doesn't work with their new launchers.

Community Legend I
Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas! I'll pass these suggestions along to the software team.

Star II
Would it be possible to add "change icons" feature to rog UI. I mean I used it in zenfone max pro m1. I want to add this really cool game like icon style but I don't wanna install another launcher for that. Thank you.