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ROG Phone 2 screen Black out issue.

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My Rog Phone 2 screen automatically goes dark but I can still hear apps running and can interact with the screen if know where the buttons are.
This started a week ago while Playing PUBG. The screen went completely black but I could still hear what was going on. Recently it has been happening even during charging .
I decided to find the source and in doing so I found that whenever the temperature goes beyond 42°C , the screen goes dark. Sometimes to such an extent that I have to soft reboot to get it working. It usually becomes normal after the temperature drops to 41°C and below. I further Confirmed this was related to temperature by running 3D Mark GPU test, and as soon as temperature hit 42°C, my screen went dark. Also Game Genie stops running (air triggers included) after the screen regains display.
The other threads referring to Screen blackouts during charging and gaming may also have a similar issue and yes, I ran the GPU test after the April 5 security patch update and still the results were same.
Kindly look into this.
Thank you.
EDIT: This does not happen when screen recording is on. I tried running GPU test again with screen recording and the display never blacked out even though the temperature touched 44°C at some point.


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Thanks for the update. Did you visit the service centre? Also no option for replacement or did you specifically ask for refund? Did you get the refund?

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They offered me a replacement via mail which took forever to arrive. So I mailed them citing my need for the phone and they offered a refund instead. You'll have to submit the device at your service center first. I received a refund within 7 days.

Same issue fix it

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I'm closing this thread with a final reminder for new users finding this thread:
If you're experiencing freeze/restart issues with your device, especially if they manifest at temperatures above 39 °C, please visit a local service center and have your device looked at.