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ROG Phone 2 needs to improve.

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These are just the things I need ASUS to improve on future software updates:
-The lowest brightness is still too bright on night please lower it.
-Add Oneplus like gesture navigation other than the stock gesture navigation because some apps have the so called Hamburger Menu and that conflicts on the swipe from right/left to back gesture of the stock navigation.
-Three finger swipe gesture to screenshot.
-Add a gesture to switch to previous app when using gesture navigation.
*RGB is just random when playing music (not in sync with the music).
*Camera. I know they can improve it more specially in ultrawide camera if we compare the angle of the stock cam and GCAM mod.
*App lock (security for individual app)
*Facebook live streaming on Game Genie.
*Statusbar Icon
-Remove battery icon when you have battery percentage so that it can't take so much space on the status bar.
-Instead of just the bluetooth icon on statusbar when your connected to a device, replace it with an icon of the battery level of the device which it is connected to.
*Make more levels on the vibration intensity because right now, there's only 3 levels

Hope ASUS can implement this on future updates. Cheers mate.

Another feature which would be cool to have is to bring down the Notification shade on the AriTriggers squeeze options. Asus ROG Phone 2 is obviously a large phone, and it tends to be bit difficult everytime when we try to reach all the way to the top to bring down the Notification shade. But IMO, pairing it up with a short squeeze function would make more sense and make it a lot easier and improves QoL by a huge amount. Hope the devs hear this! 🙂

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A small fix for the brightness issue would be using an app like pixel filter or twilight

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Many bugs plz fix them game lags and freezes many time in rog 2

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Brightness won't go any lower on this panel

ROG Phone II uses Android 10 navigation. Those apps you mentioned are going to change their navigation or they will have a lot of angry users in a couple of months.

I can ask our devs about a three finger screenshot gesture but what is wrong with using volume down + power button?

Why would you need a gesture for previous app? It wouldn't save you any time. Just swipe up, hold it and tap the previous app.

I don't know how the RGB works with music but is this really necessary? I would personally never use this feature but we put it there because some thought it would be cool.

GCAM uses Google magic. You can't compare those two. Can we improve? Yes! Can we beat google? Probably not, but we will do our best.

Facebook streaming has surely been discussed but I don't know if it wasn't possible or if it's still ongoing.

The icon suggestions has already been proposed to our devs

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@Anders_ASUS until now my phone can't use Volume down + Power to screenshot.

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Step 1: Go to preferences from homescreen


Step 2: click on homescreen


Step 3: Open that icon packs folder (bottom)


Step 4: that's it,apply your preferred icon pack

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I still cant see icon packs and it's already april 2020. Im on the latest update of A10.