ROG Phone 2 needs to improve.

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These are just the things I need ASUS to improve on future software updates:


-The lowest brightness is still too bright on night please lower it.


-Add Oneplus like gesture navigation other than the stock gesture navigation because some apps have the so called Hamburger Menu and that conflicts on the swipe from right/left to back gesture of the stock navigation.

-Three finger swipe gesture to screenshot.

-Add a gesture to switch to previous app when using gesture navigation.

*RGB is just random when playing music (not in sync with the music).

*Camera. I know they can improve it more specially in ultrawide camera if we compare the angle of the stock cam and GCAM mod.

*App lock (security for individual app)

*Facebook live streaming on Game Genie.

*Statusbar Icon

-Remove battery icon when you have battery percentage so that it can't take so much space on the status bar.

-Instead of just the bluetooth icon on statusbar when your connected to a device, replace it with an icon of the battery level of the device which it is connected to.

*Make more levels on the vibration intensity because right now, there's only 3 levels

Hope ASUS can implement this on future updates. Cheers mate.



  • App lock is already available. Go to app draw and click preferences.

  • Sorry didn't see that coz I'm using Nova launcher. They should make it on system level not just on launcher though.

  • And if we can have quick select of sounds output above the volume bar (currently is the silent mode quick select, bell icon). Most of the time i have bluetooth headset and speaker connect at the same time. Would like to be easily switch between phone spea9, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth speaker.

  • Brightness won't go any lower on this panel

    ROG Phone II uses Android 10 navigation. Those apps you mentioned are going to change their navigation or they will have a lot of angry users in a couple of months.

    I can ask our devs about a three finger screenshot gesture but what is wrong with using volume down + power button?

    Why would you need a gesture for previous app? It wouldn't save you any time. Just swipe up, hold it and tap the previous app.

    I don't know how the RGB works with music but is this really necessary? I would personally never use this feature but we put it there because some thought it would be cool.

    GCAM uses Google magic. You can't compare those two. Can we improve? Yes! Can we beat google? Probably not, but we will do our best.

    Facebook streaming has surely been discussed but I don't know if it wasn't possible or if it's still ongoing.

    The icon suggestions has already been proposed to our devs

  • Lol you think power + vol down is better than 3 finger screenshot.. display is large and it gets really difficult to take the screenshot...besides those are hardware buttons..everyday on average i take 3 screenshots..using hardware like that can damage them..

    Please add 3 finger screenshot ?

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    The more options you can choose from, the better. There's nothing wrong with volume down+power button, its just that three finger swipe is fast and more efficient to use.

    I need gesture to previous app because I often use that when switching from an app to the previous app just like you double tap the recents button. If you can just have swipe up then swipe right/left(like drawing a curve) that would be more efficient to use.

    About the RGB when your playing music, if you put a feature on a phone, you need to improve it too, right? If its not possible, im okay with it but if you can improve it, why not?

    About the camera, im not saying that you have to be on the same level of gcam, I just want it to improve because ROG 2 have a good camera hardware it just need a good software to back it up too.

    I also want to add something:

    *Asus Launcher

    -Please add support for icon packs.

    *App Lock

    - Can you make it on system level so that we can still use it even when we are using different launcher? But if you can add more features on Asus Launcher, like the one above I mentioned, it will be much appreciated.

    *Red tint on low brightness and dark mode.

    - Does the ROG 2 and twinview dock screen same panel? Because there's no red tint on the screen of twinview dock.

    Anyway, thanks for hearing me out.

  • Launcher supports icon packs , just install the desired icon pack open the app there you will see zen ui launcher tap on it then it's done.

  • I support to have App lock at system level not at launcher level.

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    You wouldn't damage anything and you still need to use two hands but I will forward your request to our devs. It's not the first time they get it but with every user asking for this, the chance increases that they might implement it.

  • I really don't see how a special swirl or X finger gesture would be faster You can even swipe left right at the very bottom to quickly jump between apps. This must surely be way faster than any gesture.

    I agree with your reasoning that if we have a feature it should work 100% but at the same time, this kind of feature is only used by about 0.5% of our users and for a limited time so the priority for such a feature is so low that it will always be pushed down for other more urgent fixes.

    We do have icon support so there's no need for a system wide app lock ;)

    Both phone and twinview have same screen. I can't really comment on why they look different until I have the full report from our internal investigation in this matter.

  • Average amount of Android users are using third party launcher like Nova, etc. For them, system level app lock will be helpful instead of launcher level applock.

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    I think you're referring to the "swipe up on home button" system navigation not on the "Gesture" navigation. When you're on Gesture navigation, you still need to swipe up and hold to go to the recents then pick the the previous app, right? And I think its not quick.

    *App lock

    System wide app lock is needed because not all of us use the asus launcher. I'm using nova launcher btw. So it's like I have to go back to asus launcher just to use the app lock feature which should be implemented system wide for security purposes.

    *Red tint

    Let's hope that its not a hardware problem and can be fixed via software update.

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that you need to activate swipe up on home button navigation before you can swipe right. See video below

    If you don't like swipe up on home button navigation, then you need to wait for Q update. The standard navigation in Q is similar

    I don't believe you will setup applock on a daily basis. You could use ASUS launcher to set up the apps you want to lock and then switch back to nova launcher. The locks will remain.

  • It would be great if asus had an app which consists of Support for twin apps (should clone any app which user wants to) instead of few twin apps in settings & Applock inbuilt that app where users can access even after changing the launcher.

    Wait I just said about Samsung's "s secure" and "samsung knox" apps which has those two features XD

  • I really like rog phone 2, software is very fast, before i have s10+ and rog is far more fast, but of is possible include more options for themes and settings from panel.

  • Call quality has to improve. Reception, earpiece and speaker when on call

  • @Anders_ASUS this is what i was talking about... Can't you ask your team to fix this ?? This seems really bad considering we have a oled panel and this is making difficult for us in keeping dark walls and all

  • @Anders_ASUS all i ask you is to please fix this red tint issue first , if you guys plan to leave us abandoned in terms of other updates its fine.. but this red tint issue has made Rog 2 has a laughable meme right now amongst one plus user + also looks bad ...


  • I am using the Mobile Desktop Dock.

    Can a feature be added where the phone will display a night clock when left for charging on the dock overnight?

    It will be a nice handy feature. What do you think?

  • I like the stock ASUS launcher but because can’t use the icon packs with it, I am forced to use a Nova a Launcher instead.

    please improve the camera app. I am sure it can be improved.

    how about having notifications on AOD screen?

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