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Rog Phone 2 diplay issues

I have rog 2, and have some bugs with the display when unlock it? Someone with same problems or help how to resolve it? It's visible when shhoting with other phone on screenshot isn't visible. When it happens need to turn of on 2-3 times from power button to view normal screen. I install the last update but nothing, next step will be flash with othe OS because ASUS don't care!


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Your firmware version is not the latest version of android 10. Please update your firmware to the latest version first.

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I have the same issue, but on my phone the chequer glitch is showing only on the bottom of the screen. If I turn the screen on/off it fixed itself, but I would love a permanent solution. My phone have the same baseband, kernel, only the rom is different, mine is: 1.1.225

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I've updated the Android to version 11 and for 3-4 hours the phone was working just fine and I was quite happy that the upgrade fix it. I've turn the screen on and off for more the 30 times without any issue, however when I've plugged in the charger, it done the same, the issue reoccur 😞

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Can you try in safe mode please to see if you get the same issue?
If it does, you might as well backup everything and do a factory reset.
If all of the above doesn't work, then you will need to visit service centre.