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ROG phone 2 bugs after A10 stable update

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Hotspot bug
Im using xender, i click on send
But Hotspot icon does not shown on notification bar, it was also not enabled in notification icon.
But hotspot was actually opened in setting.
Send it to developer for fix this.
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Well that's damn worthless advice lol I dont wanna factory reset that's annoying having to redownload everything. I'm on MetroPCS so even tho games run pretty good most the time after I downloaded them my data speed for downloading sucks in this area so that's out the option and downgrading I'd just run into the same problem having to redownload every app I have.... So I guess I gotta just wait for cod which has been running on Android 10 just fine since before I got this phone so idk what cod has to optimize?... But anyways looks like that's my only option. Or I could just return this phone and switch to the xiaomi GameShark 3 I heard it might be better then this phone. Cause all these problems is a little absurd you know what I mean. I understand it's a new phone and yadda yadda but y'all pushed the update too soon cause of pressure (from all the people who don't understand how hard it is to develop these things.) if this phone gets Android 11 I hope y'all do a better job.

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Yes I've cleared data...

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Have you found the solution? Been facing the same problem since the A10 update OTA.
Gallery app is not working and any other app which tries to access it also crashes.
Tweeted to ASUS also about this but apparantely they also didn't have any solution for this.

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Why screen recorder only support 90 hz??
I want to record that 120hz but sometimes don't work as 120hz, it feels laggy.
So i tried to record it but screen recorder only supports 90hz.

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If i open wifi menu from notification panel, first it will open classis theme wifi setting(only for very small time) then it opens dark reactor theme wifi setting.
Plz improve this

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Random reboot is happening after android 10