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ROG phone 2 bugs after A10 stable update

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Hotspot bug
Im using xender, i click on send
But Hotspot icon does not shown on notification bar, it was also not enabled in notification icon.
But hotspot was actually opened in setting.
Send it to developer for fix this.
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I figured this out. It's not a bug, it's an accessibility feature. Somehow the timer got turned all the way up to 2 minutes. To get the temporary action notifications to go away quickly, settings>accessibility>time to take action.

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A Human

I just realized it's not just Facebook. It's any app I use that gives a temporary notification on the bottom of the screen. To remove the notification that popped up in this screenshot, I had to clear the cache on the Asus themes app.


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I suggest you to factory reset your device once
A factory reset after every major android update is good (if you're facing weird bugs and stuff)
Although I'll state that sometimes these things get solved after a simple restart too,did you try that once?

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Transition animation full of jitters. This type of jitters is not seen on pixel devices.

This behavior occurs even without using screen recorder.

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I experience this as well immediately after the A10 update. In all apps.

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Adobe Lightroom app keeps crashing.

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Im also facing problem with gaming after the A10 update. Call of duty keeps crashing randomly, mostly in BR mode. I have attached a screenshot of the issue.