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Rog 2 Kunai gamepad extremely buggy

Star I
I finally received the rog 2 Kunai gamepad up here in Canada and I have to say I'm extremely disappointed. With the high price tag and long wait I expected a much better product. The key mapping function seemed great but after playing for 10 hours I just don't want to use it. The keys respond 75% of the time and analogs have a mind of their own. From racing games being unable to turn and shooters spinning around in circles. They key mapping clearly needs an update to resolve a lot of this but it seems like an unfinished product.

Star III
I totally agree, now the questions is to wonder if the shortcomings can be fixed with software updates or it's sokething to do within hardware?

Star I
Now that more people are receiving their game pads these issues with it are becoming more apparent. It would be nice to have a response from a mod here.

Star II
Yeah I'm not going to lie feel pretty ripped off by this company. Nothing feels ready, nothing feels gamer. Just feels like shitty overpriced mad cats console with mad cats accessories.
I'm doing a fortnite mobile tournament soon, I'm likely playing on the switch console for it... the switch, 800$ less than what I pay for all attachments + the phone.... why is the switch out performing this product for a gamer?
It's like they forgot what gaming is about:
1 Low latency responsiveness on lots of inputs
2 Snappy fps
3 Customizable ways to play.
Big fails across the board. My input devices barely work, if I try to dock to my tv the frames are worse even though I have a gaming monitor and I cant customize nearly enough and even if I do see point #1. Such a waste. I'll be sure to make videos as well on socials about my experiences as well. Hopefully I can save some people from wasting money as I have.

Star III
I agree with everything, I have received the controllers and they are unusable, and for what they cost it makes the balls turn a lot