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Pubg mobile erangle 2.0 update 90 fps

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Dear team Asus,
Why is 90 fps not supported in my Asus Rog phone 2 when my screen display frame rate is at 120 fps.
Pubg has officially released 90fps for new update and I am still stuck in smooth and extreme setting.
Please update
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u can manually enable 90 fps on any device

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In this case, you change in the game files will cause you of course to get a banned from the game.
We want an official update that supports 90fps normal without third part application.
So "Asus Team" should contact PUBG Developers to find a away to make 90fps available.
Oneplus devices uses lower SNAPDRAGON 855 with 90hz an its works with 90Fps.

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Bit what is weird is why I got 90 fps without any rooting, app, hex-editor etc.
Is it a region thing? I am in europe.

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Same . I've updated my game . Game developers already rolled out huge update with 90fps. May phine like realme X2 and other brands now support 90fps. Pubg developers already said it in patch not " Now Most smartphones can play 90fps"...... But I. Rog phone 2 can't play...... Phone has 120hz display powerful processor. Also it's build for gaming..... Asus said it's a powerful beast..... But no support from game and Asus.......

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Same Here , Developers should act fast and Bering 90 FPS over phone is 120 Hz normally

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Asus doesn't works , They Should bring 90 fld as soon as possible

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Plz asus we seriously need 90fps in the game we fell left out plz be quick