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Pubg mobile erangle 2.0 update 90 fps

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Dear team Asus,
Why is 90 fps not supported in my Asus Rog phone 2 when my screen display frame rate is at 120 fps.
Pubg has officially released 90fps for new update and I am still stuck in smooth and extreme setting.
Please update
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I have no idea. I have a tencent edition converted to WW. Locked bootloader, no root. I am in europe and just updated via play store. No gfx tool or anything.

Made sure I choose 90 hz for pubg in armory crate, and put graphics to smooth..

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Are you sure that your phone is ROG 2?!
What is your phone version?

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What list are you referring to?

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the list of mobiles that can support 90fps

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Yes I'm sure it's a rog 2 🙂

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I'm using ROG 2, installed Pubg 1 apk update via external source, downloaded obb, got few updates during the first boot.
I'm playing at UHD graphics with 90fps (using hex editor). Everything is silky smooth, compare to Smooth 90fps UHD 90fps makes my phone little more warmer at the back but it's not that much. I do use Aero active cooler while gaming. I wish Pubg mobile and Asus give us an option to use 90fps or 120fps on any setting. 🤔

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Same . I've updated my game . Game developers already rolled out huge update with 90fps. May phine like realme X2 and other brands now support 90fps. Pubg developers already said it in patch not " Now Most smartphones can play 90fps"...... But I. Rog phone 2 can't play...... Phone has 120hz display powerful processor. Also it's build for gaming..... Asus said it's a powerful beast..... But no support from game and Asus.......

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u can manually enable 90 fps on any device