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Preferred network type

Zen Master II
A suggestion to developers. As a preferred network type now we have the option to choose between 2G/3G/4G and 2G/3G. I would suggest the option to choose between 4G and 4G+/H+ as well. That is to opt out high speed options and keep basic 4G. The reason being when there is a high speed network available, the signal is frequently very week, resulting in no data traffic at all. This is not specific to Asus but happens on all brands. I live in Europe and have experienced that in all European countries I visit regularly (Germany etc). Basic 4G would provide stabile network with higher data speeds than the 2G/3G option.

Zen Master I
Type *#*#4636#*#* and select LTE only

Zen Master II
Thank you Abhinav!
When I type that I come to the phone info with a lot of options.
Default settings are:
Voice Network Type: LTE
Data Network Type: LTE
If I go into preferred network type option I get numerous options which confuse me as I am not an expert. Can you please provide me with basic explanation of the meaning. I would not like to select something to mess up
Also I noticed that some options are disabled