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Phone switches off completely. Sometimes it doesn't turn on for for upto 6 hrs

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG PHONE 2
Firmware Version: LATEST VERSION
Rooted or not:NOT ROOTED
Frequency of Occurrence:EVERY NOW AND THEN
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):ALL APPS
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
The phone shuts down every now and then. Don't even have to open apps that takes up a lot of cpu usage or even when the phone doesn't heat up so much .
After looking up over the internet it looks like everyone is facing this issue.
Shouldn't Asus recall their handset as this seems to be a common problem and not particularly to an individual phone ?


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True. Only way to teach such brands a lesson is to give them negative publicity through your social media platform. Just post a message and tell people to avoid asus brand completely; whether it would be phones, laptops etc. A couple of people recently took my opinion while buying laptops and I told them to completely avoid asus and diverted them to hp, dell etc.

I am pretty sure if this attitude of company continues, soon asus will be like htc.

Regarding the problem, i have been facing this problem from 2-3 months now but was managing it in hope that it will be fixed through update... About a week back bcz of this issue, my whole android system got corrupted and so i had to perform a factory reset. Lost several of my important files. It happened while charging. What i have understood is that this is happening bcz during fast charging, the phone gets heated and this results in phone shutdown. To tackle this problem what i am doing now is using my old oneplus 3t charger which doesn't causes much heating but charges slow...When i have to do fast charging, i keep the phone above a little wet cloth and fan which absorbs the heat thus the phone remains stable. I am using armoury crate to monitor phone temperature.

I think the company can fix this through software update but it is not willing to do it even after thousands of people are facing this issue. The company should go to youtube and check comments under videos where people are offering possible fix for this problem; then you will realise the severity of this problem.

p.s. - ignore typos, i am filled with frustration r8 now.

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Well this is exactly what I was talking about. Had ASUS publicly acknowledged this issue there would'nt be this much confusion and probably by this time you would have fixed this issue. Key word probably. Of course it would affect their future sales and that is what they really care about.
Now coming to your issue it is a hardware issue and from what I see at least going with your observations of the issue the fix for this would be a motherboard replacement.

Spare Part Price List For Phones
I am not sure if the above webpage is legit however most ROG II device that have had restart issues/shutdown issues require a Motherboard replacement. Is your device under warranty? Bad news if out of warranty
In my case I had my MB replaced under warranty. The device worked fine for a few months and then died again. I talked to the SC and it turns out the MB they replaced has to be replaced again! . Haha . ASUS warranty service is a scam to say the least.

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"Shouldn't Asus recall their handset as this seems to be a common problem and not particularly to an individual phone ? "

I don't think they care. This is a well known issue. I myself had this and yes a LOT of ROG II users have the same issue all over the world. However you won't find a single article, or any kind of acknowledgement from ASUS. First this issue was reported around June of 2020 . As you can see its been more than a year and hardly anybody that doesn't own a ROG II is aware of this. At ASUS Future sales > Existing customers. You will see a lot of useless articles pinned on the front page of Zentalk but not a single mentions the above issuse.

Here's an example of an actual smartphone comapny addressing a widespread issue:

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The answer is no. Recall wouldnt make any sense as the rog2 isnt being produced anymore. It's not like they knew about this problem after it started to become common. However an extensive warranty program would be much needed. Which I also believe is happening due to the reports of some users who out of warranty still got a replacement motherboard. I think whats happening here is that ASUS did tell the service centers to provide the service regardless of warranty, however some service centers still charge money. Not saying it is a fact, but considering the countless stories I've read about certain service centers I wouldnt be surprised in the least.
Also Apple isnt exacly a great example, they did the same thing for macbooks but only covered some models and when you go to the geniusbar you usually get it denied because of reason X. Apple is good at doing a marketing stunt, same with their "become authorized" repair shop campaign to attempt to stop the right to repair movement in the US, which louis rossmann has instantly shown the world what kind of marketing stunt apple tried.