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OTA not working

Star III

I sent my phone for repair and since then I no longer receive OTA updates. My phone has its bootloader locked.

Please help me!

Community Legend III
@theoparis2019 I've sent you a PM, envelope icon in top right corner.

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I just got a new ROG Phone 2 Strix version from Official Asus Store. But the OTA does not wotk also. Why? I am on Android 9 with October 1st 2019 security update (WW_16. 0631.1910.44_0).
When I did manually, also nothing.
Please help me.
Thank you in advance.

Star III
After checking, I notice that you are not up to date and that it is not normal for you not to receive OTA updates. Have - you already do a manipulation for example unlock your device ( the bootloader). In this case the OTA updates no longer work'. Maybe someone will see your message and fix the problem.

Star I
Yes. I found it not normal too and no, i did not do anything like unlocking bootloader or whatsoever.
I use it as as it is, as soon as I received it from Asus Official Store.
It is frustrating to not have OTA update with the global version, which is the reason why I bought this version at the first place.