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Notification bar bug

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My notification bar was stuck when i was on call with a friend, i was unable to swipe it down or turn off the screen. When i turn off the screen, the lockscreen with fingerprint merged with my call display creating a really bad looking display. I will include a screenshot of the notification bar stuck even in my lock screen. I was unable to record this occurence because i couldnt pull my recorder. Its fixed when i restarted my phone but still it was annoying and idk how to replicate it. Get a stable update and fix all these bugs. In these photos you can see my notification bar is fully green and not functional and also messing up my display.


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Tried force stopping Asus Launcher and Contacts app?

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Hi @Akash Gupta,
What is the frequency of this?
Make sure you are on latest software version, you can check by
Go to setting => About => Software information.