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[Mobile desktop dock] - Possible to download/ share keymapping profiles

Star III
Hi guys,
I am struggling to use the keymapping function for the desktop dock, in short, my current keymap sucks. Is it possible to download keymapping profiles (there is a + option in crate to add profiles but I am unable to make it work). Or at least share your settings for keymap/ sensitivity etc.


Hall of Fame III
You need to find someone that want to share their settings with you. They need to share their file. It's not like we have a server where people can upload and download. Humm, maybe we should ?
Anyways, it's on my todo list to start a thread that encourages users to share their keymapping or overclocking settings but I haven't gotten around to do it.

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Still there is no thread on keymapping profiles. Bumping this one up!

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Yeah. Nvidia SHIELD Tablet had a profile down loader. Was quite nice if you didn't want to try and set up your own layouts.

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Asus really needs to up there game on building a community and providing support for their accessories. How can they expect people to keep spending on $200+ accessories without any support. This expensive toy is lying unused and had zero resale value. I would deter anyone from buying these accessories unless Asus fixes their game.