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Mobile desktop dock not turning on/ adapter error

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I am using a tencent edition rog 2 phone and bought a desktop dock separately. Here are the issues:

1) When I connect the dock to power using the official power adapter and cable provided with my rog 2 phone, there is no power light on the dock

2) When I dock my phone in, even though the phone changes to landscape mode (only when dock power outlet is on), still I do not see any light glowing on the dock, and a message pops up saying "for smooth operation of dock, please use original Asus adapter that came with your phone". Now, I bought a box packed set so I am sure the adapter is original Asus. But not sure why the message keeps popping up.

3) Even though the game genie gives me an option of key mapping (assuming that it detects the phone being connected to dock), the keyboard and mouse are not detected / don't get backliit the way they are supposed to when connected to a laptop/ phone.

Please help.


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bro don't worry asus don't give a I had the same problem n asus didn't do anything thing for me ! so I throw it in the garbage n refund money from the bank !

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Solution: Tencent version phone comes with a 18W charger. You need to purchase a 30W official charger from Asus. This sucks, but is a solution

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i have the same issue and im using a 30w charger, it gives me the same message or says the phone isnt compatible with the accessory YET! no help so far from asus. i saved up for nearly two years to buy my rog phone and every accessory and feel ripped off.

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The same I have this problem, I buy a new charger not from Asus, but have 30W charger and is nothing changes, don't started , now I waiting a new charger with 40W to see if is the same