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JUSTICE FOR ROG PHONE 2 USERS - Random switch off and never gets booted 🤬

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The problem started in early December, the phone starts switching off continuously. I have contacted the Asus service center, they said it's a known issue like most of the users are facing the same issue. You can check the nearby service center available. Then I have visited the service center. They said it's a hardware issue. You need to replace the motherboard and have to pay 27k for this. I don't understand why should we pay 27k again on that if the fault is on your side. If I am the only one who is facing this problem I can accept it but most of the users are facing the same problem means you should be responsible for this defect. Try to focus on your customer's issues and at least learn from other company products and services. Do something on this issue while your customers are suffering.

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I need to sue them for both screen burn and random reboots please PM me too

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Count me in

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Bro we are planning to file a case against ASUS in consumer court. will send the attachment to your mail if you are interested. This issue needs to get noticed, bro. Most of the users are suffering from this issue still ASUS pretends like they are not responsible for this cause. Please Ping me in private chat. 27k is a joke to ASUS, it seems.

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lets fkng !!i want join

Rising Star II Please revert here, so we all can discuss this and take to forward legally.

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Downgrade to A9 can solve this problem. I did it and facing no such issue now