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JUSTICE FOR ROG PHONE 2 USERS - Random switch off and never gets booted 🤬

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The problem started in early December, the phone starts switching off continuously. I have contacted the Asus service center, they said it's a known issue like most of the users are facing the same issue. You can check the nearby service center available. Then I have visited the service center. They said it's a hardware issue. You need to replace the motherboard and have to pay 27k for this. I don't understand why should we pay 27k again on that if the fault is on your side. If I am the only one who is facing this problem I can accept it but most of the users are facing the same problem means you should be responsible for this defect. Try to focus on your customer's issues and at least learn from other company products and services. Do something on this issue while your customers are suffering.

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@ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS Maybe offer a free repair program like apple does. I suggest forwarding it to the upper management at this point as I'm pretty sure now that the chip defects are hitting their deaths peolpe will otherwise get a lawsuit going much like apple is currently getting because they refused to make a free repair program on their 2016 15" and 2017 macbooks. I know you as mods cannot do anything direcly about this but the management should probably be interested in not having to face lawsuits about this.

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I am with you bro let's go legally..almost 40% of Rog 2 users and facing this problem.i am one of them..I am ready to fight for's a huge scam.

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Same here.. when i charge my rog phone 2 and video call on whatsapp.. a minute later the phone auto shutdown.. its very annoying 😡

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Hi Asus, I am also facing restart when charging. It is okay during other times. Please ASUS help us out here.

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mine restarts sometimes, what annoys me most are the pops in the microphone when recording videos or recording voice.