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Is this normal ? Or a severe problem ?

Star III
I am facing it since a long time that my mobile data is not stable sometimes it disconnects and sometimes even mobile data is on it feels like my phone is not using the internet, to make it work i need to put my phone on flight mode several times.
Yesterday for some reason i disabled my second sim and all the problems that i described above were solved and the most happening thing was that it solved my ping issue in both PUBG and COD.
Today i re-enable my second sim and i am facing the same issue. I didn't faced this kind of problem in any of my previous phones.
Need solution for this, can't keep my second sim disabled everytime i start to use mobile data.

Rising Star II

No coverage problem. My device is globel version, and the first thing i tried was the network reset but nothing happened.

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Then your only option is to send back for warranty