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Rising Star I
The phone was amazing at the time of launch I had to wait a month watching reviews and finding out if it's the best one out there, and yes it was...
With updates they dint care much from the beginning and till date many users face one or the other problems including me where my device reboots sometime when I am using it and with the latest update which was released more than a month ago had problems like screen flutter random restarts etc.
And even after months of android 11 release we still have not got any updates for the phone and not even beta testing is goin on for Rog phone 2. I hope they soon anounce the dates on when exactly we might receive updates for Rog phone 2 if at all they are planning on it...
40k investment for this phone was worth only at the time of release when phone's under 10k gets updates regularly comparatively its worst.
If you buy a Rog phone 2 forget about resale value. The phone has the least resale value on the market since you don't get updates regularly I guess u shd throw the phone and buy a new one or suffer since you have already bought and have no option to do anything. As I am now. This phone is so complicated even there are no proper custom rom developers also.
Sometimes I feel like selling this phone for less than half the price and buy the cheapest OnePlus or any other phone who cares about their customers atleast.
So if u want to buy a Rog phone, please think twice before you buy it. If they don't value users feedback and customer satisfaction I don't know why we should use there products.


Hall of Fame II
My ROG Phone 2 did not encounter "screen flutter random restarts".

Android 11 is currently unable to get relevant information, if there is information, it will be posted on the forum.

Security updates and bug fixes are still ongoing.

Community Legend II
Hi Praj,
I totally agree with your concerns but I am sure ASUS is trying their best to help its users.
All Reboot/Shutdown issue cases are provided service and I have also taken your details please DM me if you have any issue with service.