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High temperature / CPU usage / battery drain on 2009.47

Rising Star II
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not:
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
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As many posted on the forum. I and everyone have similar issue. (This is already upgraded for whole night and a full charge)
CPU also peak at 2.84/2.96 as from Armoury Crate even didn't do anything
Temperature goes high
Battery drain quickly
"Android System" also taking all battery usage from Battery page
What I observed:
From running processes, "Google Play Service" always show up, which not the case in old firmware
What I've tried to fix:
Wipe data (all data not just cache) for Google Play service and Armoury Crate. After cleaned, seems the CPU back to 826Hz, but after I restart the device, it go back to 2.84/2.96 all the time
There may be something wrong on this?

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Rising Star I

So I am 2007.27 firmware ,my battery is good,so if I update to 2009.49 will my battery get drained due to Google Play services?@Sourabh @Averan so can I just go for the update or do you want me to stay until playstore resolves battery drain.note: I don't want my battery to drain like hell

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Stay tuned...will update you about the issue as it gets resolved, then you can go for the new update. Power consumption currently is not so severe, if u want you can go for the new update and Google Play Store and Google Play Services updates itself in background, so have to wait for the change.

Star II
All good for me in the UK with new update installed today. Thanks for the quick turnaround on this fix ASUS.

Star III

What a ........ phone and the co. Made a mistake.

Massive battery drainage and heating issues after the latest update!

Is this how you treat your so called premium phone customers?

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With .49 update issue has been resolved.
What a relief.!
My phone had become almost unusable due to the battery drain and the heat it produced.
By the way even ROG3 customers are facing the same issue.
Hope ASUS is careful for any future updates.
Thanks to the dev team for quick turnaround.

Zen Master I
Watch the photo at atleast 60 to 70 percent brightness, you'll find that the Black crush soo severe ,This is the level of black crush after the update,trust me I don't have the proof of how black crush looked in the 2007.27 update but I can tell you that it was way better

I want my 2007.27 update back @Gustav_ASUS please I am regretting this update please I am begging you please help me roll back to 2007.27

Do watch the photos at aleast 60 to 70 percent brightness you'll find the black crush soo severe

Please anyone help me get back to 2007.27 update🥺

I don't care about security patch and other stuff


Star II
As of now phone works great after .49 update , thanks for quick fix.
No more heating and battery seems to last like normal.