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Game Genie crashing when we go live with pubg on HDR. (Rog Phone 2)

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Hi All,
I am facing a issue while going live on youtube using Game Genie. I use this feature with PUBG Mobile. In Game when I use Display setting as
With "Smooth" go live feature works very well
With "HD" it works in 75-80% cases
With "HDR" it always crashes the Game Genie in background making air triggers to stop responding.
Any Solution ? or it is a known bug ?
Note: My X Mode (with default clock) is always ON when I use this feature and I have 100 Mbps stable connection so issue is not there as well.

Community Legend III
@ucroccks We were unable to reproduce this crash. Are you still having the same issues on the latest firmware update? (2004.9)