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FPS fluctuation in pubg

Star III
Everything was okay when i bought this phone but now FPS started fluctuating too much in game...also when there r soo many enemies around me.....even when it is showing 60fps it doesnt feel like buttery smooth 60fps .......some phones like iphone xr provides soo much stability in comparison to this rog 2 gaming phone

Star II
Yes , this issue is major i m not sure y no one talking about these issues on youtube i m also youtuber and play pubg i think after game update this game is also kinda heavy for almost all devices.
Rog2 start laggaing when 3 4 squad arround profile lag is there sometime when 1 2 squad arround game fps feels like 10 20 and worst case you are game recording than pubg is unplayable .. i m not sure why these issue are not there in my iphone xr... Bt showing it as a gaming phone i expected little much i think i sold my xr for this device but playing pubg sometime frustrating because of these lags.
Asus should either talk to pubg developers or should try to do something with its update . If issue remain like this .. we should move to iphone again 😞

Rising Star II
After the 0.15.0 update in pubg. The game is dropping fps like crazy. Even when enemies aren't around. It drops to 35-37 fps and even after reducing graphics to balanced the fps fluctuations are present. This should be improved by software

Star I
1st when I took phone use to play in HDR extreme settings and had only frame drops sometimes... Now I'm playing in smooth and extreme still there is so much of frame drops
Sometimes i like cheep device than this which performance is better...
One plus 6 6t also performing better compare to Rog 2.
I updated. Formatted did many stuffs still no use.

Rising Star II
Nothing has changed after the new update in the phone. Asus has to look into this