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Facebook on game genie direct streaming

Asus I beg your developer to put facebook as an option on game genie direct live streaming. Much people dont use YouTube and Twitch to stream we only use facebook. And rog phone 2 doesn't allow third party app to redirect live streaming to Facebook. You need to find solution for these kind of problem . Im buying rog phone 2 because i want to live stream to Facebook using a gaming phone but this problem makes it hard to do so. HELP FAST.

Rising Star I
It's not only Facebook that's missing what about add mixer to?

Only thing can asus added to game genie that give an option for rtmp url so that streaming can be done anywhere

Community Legend I
I can forward this suggestion to the developers.

Star I genie is powerful, without game genie we cant get internal audio and cant use air trigger as it supposed to be, adding option to facebook and other streaming platform would definitely complete this beast of phone, c'mon developer, i know u can do it as much..peace