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Ideas for Game enchancer

Ideas to improve Game Enchancer : livestream Twitch/facebook/YouTube.
We got many good microphones so why dont use them: voice changer (Mikey Mouse, Robot, etc) while livestream or record.
Camera while livestream (selfycam) Option to Chance size and way to add masks, blacktowel or dogface over the actual face.
A way to Play music (Like a musicbox) while streaming of music. Music that is free to use for gaming Background music.
Maybe a way to overlay WhatsApp, Twitter, Livechat while livestream.

....maybe more ideas from Community ? Lets Work together to make Asus rog3 best streaming Gamer Phone in world !

Community Legend III
@grafikbunkerde Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass them on to the team. 👍
Happy gaming!