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Every time I enter this forum I see more and more problem in rog 2 XD

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Every time I enter this forum I see more and more problem in rog 2 ajajaj what are they doing in asus? Waiting for the 2nd arrival of Jesus?

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lol yea exactly witch means they will never be fixed !

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this is my first rog phone so im giving them a chance to improve customers complaint bout cam, lighting display etc.. chose this phone bcuz of the huge battery and airtrigger.. if they will improve it it will be the beast

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I'm a iOS user, iPad pro, MacBook, iPhone xr, iPhone Se, And i decide to try android, first with Zenfone 6 and now with Rog phone 2.

Asus software is good in my opinion, no major bugs and very stable, I don't understand most of the problems people report. iOS 13 was full of bugs and received lots of updates, for a small phone company as Asus I think there software is good.

The only thing im afraid of this phone is not receiving android 10.

This forum is so childish sometimes.

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Android 10 will come. Don't you worry. The release timeline depends the roll out of Q to ZenFone 6 and if there are any critical bugs that we need to fix before we can make the final changes to Q for ROG Phone II