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Charging issue after android 10 update

Star I
Currently I'm having issues on rog 2. The charging stops eventually and i have to remove the cable and plug it in again in order to charge

Community Legend III
Are you experiencing this issue with the side port too (using the same cable) or is it just the bottom port?

Star I
Same problem...
Original charger is not working properly.
Removing cable again and again.
Also mobile is not fast charging .
Please help

Same problem on ASUS Zenfone 5Z

Star I
Mine is not charging when i plugged on aero cooler, but the bottom port is o.k, and also if i remove the aero cooler and charge it on the side port its working, is my aero cooler port really broken? Thanks in advance.

Same problem. Its kinda irritating when you play a game and you plug it in order to charge the phone and play , and when you are done playing, you realize instead of charging, its DRAINING!!
On my bottom port, this happens very often. I gotta reconnect like 5 times in 10 minutes.
But on the side port its less frequent, but the problem is still there whatsoever on both the ports.
My software is upgraded to A10.
Using the original cable.