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Charging issue after android 10 update

Star I
Currently I'm having issues on rog 2. The charging stops eventually and i have to remove the cable and plug it in again in order to charge

Rising Star II
Is it really due to A10 , this is the exact problem i am facing right now and its kinda bothering as of lockdown Asus service centre is closed !!
So seems more like hardware fault

Star III
Same happening to me

Star II
Me too...
The fast charging mode didn't appear

Star II
Same issue with me also! After the latest update the phone doesn't charge with original charger. Im using Poco x2's charger and it seems to work ok,but its really strange that original charger is so lousy! Please Asus being such a reputed brand and selling such high end products like ROG Phone 2 you guys can't even provide good software support. I don't think I'll even think of buying any future Asus product. Disgusted!