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Twin apps not working at all

I use ROG phone 2 when I try to use twin apps it just show me this I have some apps but it still say the same thing no supported app installedI already installed whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, facebookWhat should I do to fix this .... Ples need some...


Incall volume

seems like the phone gets really loud if I'm playing music or something like this but when it comes to making a call and putting speakerphone on it doesn't get loud at all not nearly as loud as what it normally could get I've tried everything anyone ...

When will ROG PHONE 2 be release in USA?

Hi asus. I just want to know when will the phone Be release in USA? I know it been out in China and Europe but Globally? Another question:Will it work any of this companyAt%t T-MobileVerizon SprintSpectrum Thank you for answering these question.

Rog Phone 2 & Android OS updates.

Hello @CH_ASUS ,I m currently confused on whether to get zenfone 6 or Rog 2. and one important factor to me is android os update.So, Can you please ask the devs of The Rog phone 2 whether they will follow the same android os update strategy as the ro...

ROG Phone II - List of games supporting above 60fps gameplay!

Hi all!Feb 28, 2020 - Milestone update - over 200 verified games running at 120fps!Milestone update - over 200 verified games running faster than 60fps!As of May 14, 2020 - this list contains 221 games supporting high-FPS (and the list has been upd...

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