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latency/ping Issue in ROG Phone 2

I play games on my mobile data, since it is so cheap in India. So it rarely provides me smooth experience over it. For first 10 minutes no issue at all, COD under 65 ms and after that it starts dropping and in about 5 minutes it goes straight to 199 ...

Google play services bug!

I read a lot of people's suggestions about joining the beta program of play services. I did that and still nothing has happened. Battery life isn't bad but it drains a bit too fast. I haven't charged it to 100 and drained it completely though. But in...

Kanu by Rising Star II
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Vibration stop working in vibration pattern setting

Before latest FOTA update, we can test out several vibration pattern in the settings. Now it doesn't seem to work on any option. Vibration on keyboard and games still working fine. Attached screenshot below.

yzlisme by Star II
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Game Genie Streaming

Has anyone tried streaming to twitch with Game Genie? I can only get it to stream for about 5 seconds and then it basically stops. I've tested a variety of games. PUBG, Chess, Go, and RetroArch. None of them work for more than 5 seconds. I've ...

deekjx by Star II
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Next update?

Hey guys ,so i have posted before regarding volte issue in my phone, i was unable to make 4g calls and the phone did not support volte sim.I live in india,and the volte provisioned was disabled in my phone ,i could not switch it on or off.i went to t...

Shreyash by Star III
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Resolved! Stock Launcher

Why can you not set a different launcher as your default? You can install a different launcher and it will work, but it will always revert back to stock launcher when you go to the home screen.Can this be rectified?

ROG 2 Custom & Default sound/ringtone issue

I have added a custom ringtone and now i don't see system sounds.There should be a way to see system sounds without deleteing custom sounds. Attaching video to show the same.2019-11-14-09-30-45.mp4

Timed shutdown and auto wake

can you please add these in your software in the next update to improve the battery life.. owners can set a certain time power on/off.. thanks in advance

ywitch by Star III
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