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Rog phone 2 Case and tempered glass

Where we can find case and tempered glass for Rog phone 2.It is very difficult to find in markets. Only transparent basic case is available in Flipkart. Not sure this much famous mobile doesn't have choice of case and tempered glass.Can anyone sugges...

Finger & camera & screen & speaker

Is there any update to improve: fingerprint response ?We need a quicker response and cancel the green light because it's annoying to look.Improved image details ? The photography is good but many of the pictures do not look clear because of the low ...

AirTrigger sliding movements

Please hear the developers. How AirTrigger should work in slip mode.1) The user presses the AirTrigger and without releasing the finger selects the desired position on the line of action. With all this, there are no simulations of clicking on the scr...

Failed to recording video

Screenshot_20191115-223934148.jpg No matter what i do still failed to record, here my software InformationsScreenshot_20191115-224445506.jpg Please help.. thx


After A 4-5 days of usage navigation get weird i felt vibration before the page goes back its took some mili second to go back but vibration of navigation was before the page goes back and after i restart it its work normalSomeone help me

Wifi is acting shitty

My wifi will connect only sometimes and even if it connects, there won't be any internet. My mobile data works fine and wifi also did 2 weeks back. I am really regretting buying this phone.

VoLTE provisioned tab under phone information

Hi, I recently bought ROG Phone II (India). I found out that the VoLTE provisioned and Video Calling provisioned tabs are grayed out when I checked under Phone information by typing #*#4636#*# on the dial pad. However I could enable VoLTE in the ...