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Quick settings for sounds

It would be a great if the devs can replace the media sound to notification & notifications because if you want to quickly reduce your phone ringtone you have to go in settings n do it (it us crucial when you in college and phone rings during lecture...

Daulat by Rising Star II
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Screen lightens up everytime I use the fingerprint scanner

Hi!I think this is a common issue to everyone, but everytime I use the fingerprint scanner (to unlock the phone or in some apps that support it) the screen brightens up for no reason (in some cases like in WhatsApp it's really annoying). Is this fixe...

Asus is sending Rog 2 to devs

ASUS is sending the ROG Phone II to custom ROM and kernel developersThey're sending it to the same set of devs as under the Zenfone 6 program (10 devs,just look them up on Google if you're wondering who they all are)4 are listed to get it in 2019 its...

Aryan202 by Community Legend I
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Fingerprint Issue

Hello,I recently started using WhatsApp Fingerprint lock. the first few hours it was all fine. but suddenly even after confirming the fingerprint the icon stays active inside the WhatsApp and when i touch the icon it lights up and nothing happens. ho...

ROG Phone 2 (8/128) Asphalt Game Restarts

While playing Asphalt Game more than half an hour the game automatically restarts and some time freezes and need to kill the process. This has happened multiple times.Settings (60 hz refresh rate, X-mode on, system lighting on) .

ROG Phone 2 Updating APPs

There is a problem regarding updating of the apps on the Tencent version of the phone.After updating the APPs, on the home screen they still shows that the app is Installing while the app is already installed.

PhysiTech by Rising Star I
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Sometimes display is not smooth

It seems like shaking. Attached video for better understanding. Check the first 25 seconds in the below video. Could some one help me thanks.

Kunai right analog drift issue (bumper case)

Hi, I would like to report regarding the kunai right analog drift issue. The issue occurs when you're tilting the right analog gently to left, then after releasing, the input seems still register as if you're still tilting to the left. Then I need to...

EBYLMB7TRBRY.jpg 9KA7FY4M97E6.jpg YOFS70S6OKGZ.jpg AOO8L8189SYR.jpg
Zenpai by Star I
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File Transfer from ROG to other devices

I am glad that I joined ROG family this month. The feeling is good. Recently I am trying on the streaming & recording features in the phone. While streaming on Youtube or Twitch, it only lasted for 5 mins, then it cuts off with a message indicating m...

Manual Frame drops(sliding on screen )

I experienced manual frame drops on Screen.I mean when i slide my fingers across screen while playing games like pubg.. the view doesnt move smoothly And the draging makes is virtually laggy which is annoying. I tried with One plus and Oppo which has...