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Microphone not working on PUBG mobile

After receiving an update from PUBG/Android my microphone doesn't take the audio from phone, I have to use earphone/Headset. PUBG version : 0.17.0Android version: 10Device: ROG phone 2

I have a Rog phone 1 with update issue

I have a Rog phone 1 and when I go to system settings - system update. There is no update available I am still on Android 8.1.Whilst my friends has the same phone and got the update to Android 9 in January.Help if you can please Regards Arran

Azz-d by Star I
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Broken screen ROG phone 2

My phone fell face first and broke the screen, it doesn work anymore all black screen and when i connect the phone to the DOCK so i see if its working but it stays on the logo screen. Is there a way i reach ASUS to fix my phone. (Middle east dont acc...

Please new system update required for Asus ROG 2.

Since i updated to the latest adroid 10 version. I experienced a massive bugs in the systems while playing games, especially pubg mobile. I'll mention some of the problems i encounter on pubg mobile1. Heavy fps drops when enemies/ opposing players ar...

No display during WhatsApp call

If you make a call visa WhatsApp, the screen goes black and doesn't come back on no matter what. Fingerprint sensor doesn't work neither Power button. The volume works, but until the other party disconnects the call, you don't get your display back. ...

Screen Quality

Hello, I want to comment that I have noticed that the screen of my Rog phone 2, presents the ghost effect in the pixels of the screen. Some of the text and graphics from the PUBG mobile game stayed. I am quite disappointed with the quality of Asu...


Charging speed

So i noticed that my lower port ain't getting hyper charging speed with the 30W hyper charger , only the side port is getting the hypercharging speed ..Whats the issue .. i am on latest beta 11 build of A10

RAIDEN_ by Rising Star II
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Resolved! [Resolved] Bootloader relock does not restore Widevine L1

Hello ASUS,There's several reports out there that after unlocking the bootloader and relocking it does not restore the Widevine L1 certification. Device remains with L3 keys only.Wondering if this is intended and why. Every other major OEM out there ...

Apps Killing in background

Apps are getting killed in background in every 10min if I'm not using it. On android 9 apps stayes in ram but in android 10 apps are getting in every 10 min. I have off the every option of battery optimization. But still apps are not staying in ram. ...