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Bugs in Rogphone II after android 10 update

I am experiencing a lot of bugs after android 10 update1. Mobile battrey is discharging rapidly . Read next line after seeing screenshot -The screen never used so much battrey before. Nor did ambient screen. And I didn't used whatsapp for 7 and half ...


I can no longer download any files.

When I try to download anything, be it a picture or a PDF, I get a pop-up complaining about not being able to find an SD-card. Which is somewhat understandable since I don't have an SD-card in the phone. But why can't I use the 86gb I still have avai...

Android 10 : bug not showing instagram notifications !

Whenever i open instagram ,im getting messages in app but the notifications isn't showing on top of screen bar , its only showing notifications in app , i dont getting the messages notification on top of the screen ,any follow requests ,no notificati...

A typical use case for the 2nd led flash

The 2nd led flash could be useful for astro-photographers. It takes some time for our eyes to adjust to the darkness required for astrophotography. But sometimes we may need to find something or may need to adjust the telescope in darkness which requ...

Why can't I add the camera app to game library ?

I want to use the macro function of the armory crate to simulate intervalometer operation on camera. But it seems we cannot add the default camera app to game library. Very frustrating, first Loads of bugs in os and now this. Please take care of this...


Resolved! WiFi Issuenmmm

After getting my ROG 2 back from service for issues with system lighting and wifi connection problem, my wifi started to connect again after boot-up. After required system update, the wifi will not connect to any running router. Again. Tried facto...

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