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rog phone 2 crashed and dosent work

so my phone is a rog phone 2 the tencent games one the Chinese one the serial number i think is K9AIKN0765487GBwhat happened is that today i was going through youtube when my phone started screaming at me and froze then i tried to turn it off it didn...

Rog 2 not receiving phone calls

After I changed the screen for Rog II .. the phone is not receiving phone calls properly ... some people can call me and I can see the calls .. but others are not showing in my call log .. anyone can help.

Charging stopped temporarily

Can you help me what happen with my rog phone II? It says: the temperature of the battery is too low. Please place the phone under room temperature for a while, then try charging again. I'm already for changing for the other charger but nothing help....

Rog phone II CrashDump Mode

My ROG phone II would randomly restart while i was watching some youtube videos.Eventually it got on the Crashdump mode screen. It stayed that way and nothing happened. Eventually I was able to restart my phone, now it can't boot properly. If I'm luc...

Vegeta by Star I
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Gaming = death?

Had my tencent ROG2 for over three years now with no problems and it's still plenty fast enough for me to not desire an upgrade.I don't game on it though. I just like beefy phones and with this one, I was able to do it on the cheap and I'll probably ...

Need Android 11 WW rom file

Hello anyone have android 11 WW rom file please DM me i want that file because from ASUS website it is removed.Please help anyone or MODs

Anilkumar by Rising Star II
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Share the Marvels of ROG Phone - ZenTalk Community Giveaway!

Do you know all the practical features and handy tricks of the ROG Phone? Head over to the ROG Forum and explore the Device Mastery series of articles now!To participate, please complete the following tasks:1. Visit the Device Mastery section and bro...

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Rog Phone 2 Gaming problem

Hey guys,I have my Rog phone 2 for over 3 years and it has served me well but from afew months ago I've been having problems when running high power emulators or games. The phone gets hot and restarts until it cools down. I have read threads and comm...