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Unexpected reboot

Hi!For the past one week or so, my ROG Phone 2 restarted itself 2 times. I didn't install any new application and the use is the same as always. Do you have any idea what is going on?Thanks a lot!


Is there a way for rog phone 2 to watch netflix on VR?

dwiza by Star III
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Asus ROG 2 Speaker problem(sound cracking)

Speaker sound like a hell sound cracking and not clear ( outdoor mood off) I'm scread to give my mobile to service center Because I have seen service center not taking proper care of devices.

Right air trigger not working

Before the fota update the right air trigger was glitchy and user to flickerBut now after the update im facing a bigger problem with the triggerIt is just getting stuck all of a sudden(mainly the right one) and i have to lock and unlock the phone twi...


Asus rog phone 2 restart on its own

Hi, i have an Asus prog phone 2 global version, 512gb. the cel was working pretty well for the first month after that time it periodically restarted on his own, sometimes i went off and couldnt charge it either. now it restarts every 2 o 3 h per day....

Phone crashes on opening discord

Whenever I join anyone's video stream in any discord channel, the screen freezes at first, then the whole device crashes. I have to boot up my whole device once again. Its not a one-time issue, it happens everytime I tap on the Join Stream Button.Any...

Dust issue in front camera..

Really sad and disappointed with the device that I received. Within four to five months of usage the device's camera is totally unusable due to the dust that got accumulated in it. Never anticipated this from a premium gaming phone. As everyone could...


Pubg fps drop

Till yesterday i get 57 to 60fps nd now i dont know why my fps is stable at 30 getting constant 30fps or below how to resolve it ... I tried updating to a10 i works for 10mins and back to 30fps How can i resolve it pls ?

Serious by Star II
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