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Problem in right air trigger.

I have posted earlier also but i fail to get a suitable reply or advice..While playing pubg the right trigger sometimes become two sensitive (even when i have set it to 4).I have assigned "aim," button to the right trigger but when i press my right t...

$200 Phone VS Rog Phone 2

Simple feature like recording a gameplay or stability, a simple $200 phone can do better. Asus proved that specs are just a thing to write on paper to increase sales. No more asus products for me specially after many suggestions that were not used in...

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after new ota update i found a bug in my rog II

after i got new update install in device i was facing many problems, first not working charging port well or not connecting otg on main type c port and side port are working fine but main port have same issues i hope asus team are fix this bug as s...

Rog Phone 2 Black screen and power off while Charging

My Rog phone 2 automatically power off while Charging I face this issue for past 3 days while charging than phone Then while playing Pubg my mobile temperature is 39° and than phone freez and automatically reboot than device I can't play a single gam...

Wierd touch issue

Somehow figured how to reproduce the touch issue i was facing.I've attached the video down. Touch gets messed up when placed down at a certain angle. Can anyone confirm this ? probably my hardware's messed up even tho never dropped it or something, ...

Rog 2 black out

Screen automatically turns black with no display but the screen still appears to be kinda responsive (can still hear some device sounds and phone does not switch off) when gaming without charger conncted / basic web browsing with charger on. i.e when...

Touch effect Rog 2

Hello, Does anyone know how to hide the touch effect while playing any game and recording it on ROG 2? I've been facing this issue for quite some time and would like to get it solved to record flawlessly.Thanks,

Microphone ROG phone 2 trouble.

hello my rog phone2 have a problem with microphone, every i call my friend from whatsapp call,or voice call they cant hear my voice clearly, because my voice so small, what wrong with my microphone??i try sound recording and same problem, my voice ...

Gentle reminder about the list of bugs yet to be fixed

deeppaul589In this week I've noticed 4-5 random reboot. The reboots donot have any specific pattern. Random rebootdeeppaul589While closing armoury crate, even thought I'm selecting always, the option always pops up.