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Give an update for crashing /switch off problems

Sir I can't do the factory rest since many apps and storage of pics and stil day by day switch off during pubg increasing ..not only mine many People facing this problems issue please give us an update ..I don't have other mobiles to record and se...

Battery Drain

After the latest update I have seen a significant fast drop in battery in day to day usage.

akhilj66 by Rising Star II
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Asus becomes an verified unity engine partner

ROG Phone SDK for Unity helps game devs support ROG Phone II and 3Most android games (codm,pubgm) have been made using unity engineA partnership between Asus and unity means better in engine optimisation for Rog and better compatibility with Asus pro...

Aryan202 by Community Legend I
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Accent Color change

How to change accents color on the device and also how to change notification panel toggle shapes with icon shapes on the device which google offered with Android 10 but I can't find any option for it.Why is asus not giving us proper Android feature?...

by Not applicable
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Tencent phone repair

i broke the inner screen of the tencet version 8 gb ram and it doesnt even load it up anymore, but the scratch was really small.So I wanted to know if it's possible to send the phone to asus for a repair and pay for it, even if it's the tencent versi...

justas by Star I
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white lines on top right corner disappeared after the restart.

I Got this strangest of issue today. i was watching a movie and when it was finished i was back to home screen and i noticed whites horizontal lines from top right corner of the phone. it was like 10-12 white lines .5 mm apart from each other. whatev...


Im using ROG Phone 2 Strix Edition Android 9.Build Number: PKQ1.190414.001.WW_Phone-16.0631.1910.64Tried to update manually by downloading the laterst firmware on asus website. Moved the file on internal storage restart my phone but i didnt receive s...

Aero Cooler technology

Hey guys , can someone explain to me how do Aero Cooler works in rog phone 2? I don't understand the technology of it. Where the cool air goes? The inner pad doesn't cool unlike the Blackshark cooler pro. And the air just comes out at the sides ...

Carlo_G by Rising Star I
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