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Three finger gesture for screenshot

Please add this feature for ease of taking screenshot. Vol- down + power button is not so convenient as the gestures, because most of the time is not pressed together.@Anders_ASUS

Type c to 3.5 mm convertor issue.....

Hello Asus Team, is there any way to get ctype to 3.5mm converter work on asus rog 2.. I know I have the audio port there but sometimes it's hard to play game with the headphone port coming on my finger.... So if I use the converter then probably I c...

Remove Google apps.

I am interested to know if asus will give us the possibility to remove/inactive at least Google app and still be able to use the phone 100% to day I am forced to use some app to get everything working and that's annoying me a lot!.

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Airtriggers not working properly

Hi, about 2 months of use, the airtriggers started to not working properly. Tried cod and pubg and the problem is the same. When i touch the trigger, there is several misstouchs and cant hold the touch properly. This problem wont happen a while ago a...

Right click on mouse not working as expected

Who thought right click working as back command was a good idea?I have a gaming phone and i can't aim down sight in shooters cuz that button is bound to "back command".. I cant play RTS cuz right click is used to move units, but not on this device, h...

Screen burn

Iam using My rog phone 2 from 4 month it got screen burn.


Dear Team,My mobile was on charge, Minutes later I take it out from the charger and tried to unlock the screen, it lights up for a second and then it goes black. Try to unlock again and it’s all black. Try to turn it off and I can feel vibration feed...


My Asus rog 2 lagging while playing pubg but if i reached 3% battery my phone work in slow motion. I think it was happening because of low frame rate problem can someone please help me