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Battery drainage issue while gaming

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anyone facing battery draining issue when playing Pubg(hdr/extreme) while charging with 18w charger?
it is a serious issue i have Oneplus 5 too i played pubg on it with the highest setting possible (hdr /ultra) while charging it with a normal powerbank not even with it dash was charging the phone without any issue !
So Asus please look into this matter..asus rog phone 2 is a gaming phone and also a flagship device...i don't expect it to be like this! this is an amazing do something about it!

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I am also facing this issue

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please email Asus about it so that they can do something about it!

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I can spend some time playing with the 18W charger and see if this is the case. Maybe it draws so much that you don't see the battery go up fast enough to notice. I know that the phone will automatically charge slower when the battery is hot to protect it.
But first I need to know, is the battery going up, stays the same or going down when you're playing pubg with 18W charger?

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@Anders_ASUS when i played pubg in hdr/extreme while charging the battery goes down by 1% every 6-7minutes
when i played pubg in smooth extreme while charging the battery goes down by 1% every 10-14min!
i even tried to lower down the battery temperature by ac set to 26°C and the phone temperature was 36°-38°C then also the phone was not charging..the battery was dropping as usual!
i have a question for you ! you are telling me that when the temperature rises the phone will automatically slow the charging speed! but what about Oneplus devices? they also tend to heat up while playing on max graphics in pubg..but the oneplus phone doesn't slows the charging speed..and it never got stuck on the same battery percentage..never!( as i have mentioned earlier the oneplus devices charges even with the powerbank while gaming)
so i don't understand the point of having a gaming phone with a secondary port if the charger is not able to charge the phone while gaming?
you guys have included the secondary charging port to charge the phone while gaming right?
tell me which high end game is not going to rise up the temperature of the phone? mostly every high end game will rises the temperature of the phone..!
i have bought this phone over Oneplus 7t because it is indeed a great looking phone with great specs ! but this charging issue is kinda ruining my experience with the Asus rog phone 2!
hope to get some resolution except that temperature rising thing because other flagship devices charges while gaming.