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Battery drain

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3%/10min battery drain with location off, hotspot off. I checked in system settings>battery section and it said android system took all the battery. Super massive drain. This is causing my phone to last only 5-8hours watching youtube and no idle time. Previously i lasted 10 hours sot youtube with hotspot and 21 hours of idle time and still have 21% battery. Whats going on???? Latest updates are ruining the phone and asus dont care? @Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

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Hi Akash Gupta,
We are looking into it and for the majority it seems to be issue with Google Play (not Asus). 

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I am having exactly the same problem! Battery drain is huge with the latest update!

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Good morning,
after the lastest update on Wednesday the baterry drains when the phone is resting.
10% in 30 minutes
it's not normal. it only beggins after the update

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Please use this thread for any further discussion about this topic:
I'm closing this one so we can focus all feedback to one thread.