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AudioWizard does not work with most games.

Star III
I noticed that AudioWizard does not work with most of the games that I play. Changing the presets, or adjusting the custom equalizer has on impact on the audio. However, if I am to use a downloaded equalizer like REEQ, I can hear the effect. So, I guess the issue does not lie with the games.
Oddly, AudioWizard does work with my media players and even Youtube videos. And the only game that has no issue with AudioWizard is KOF AS.
The problem persist regardless whether I'm playing using the phone's speaker, a Sony wired extra bass earphone or a Sony Bluetooth extra bass earphone.
One more thing that I've noted. My Zenfone 3's AudioWizard work just fine for the same games and earphones.
Any idea on this? Thanks in advance.
Man... ROG Phone 2 is so problematic...