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ASUS, their buggy software and costly warranty

Star II
Well after 10 months the phone finally died on me, I had troubles on the Android 11 and the multiple bugs so I went back to revert to Android 10 given from the FOTA on the website to downgrade but after that downgrade I got a big issue where the phone infinitely bootloops.
This issue occurs whenever it booted the phone to android even sometimes it didn’t get pass the ASUS Logo and so of course I went to my local Asus Service Center to have it checked.

5 days later I got an e-mail saying that the main issue is the mainboard and I have to pay 46,000PHP = $920.
So does that mean if a software issue made this from an OFFICIAL FOTA, I still have to pay for that problem that isn’t my fault? I always charge at 80% before doing the FOTA Update and yet I get this problem anyways? I still have the phone under warranty until April 2022 and I need to phone to have it fixed but not to the price where I paid MORE THAN THE PHONE ITSELF WHEN I BOUGHT IT

Anyone on the ASUS team can help me with this? If not then thanks no more ASUS for me and most of my friends eyeing for the ROG Phone 5s and newer

Rising Star II
Hi @johnnny ,
Could you provide us with your RMA number? We will contact the department concern to confirm your case. Thank you.